About Me

Hi, I’m Roy Handelsman. I am a medical student at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. I graduated from University of California, Santa Barbara in 2012 where I studied Computer Engineering and took a course load emphasis in pre-medicine.

I’m often asked, “why computer engineering if you’re going into medicine?”

Well, why not? Since childhood, I’ve been passionate about technology. I starting hacking away and building websites before I was a teenager and quickly became addicted to the creative possibilities offered by programming. Growing up, I was also driven to medicine. I considered the fact that although computer technology is already an integral part of modern medical treatment, it’s really only hit the surface in potential. There is so much more today’s technology can do to assist in medicine. So why not combine my two interests in hopes of creating something beneficial?

While studying medicine, I still try to sharpen my engineering toolset regularly, sometimes by contributing to popular open source projects, auditing security, or consulting in technology solutions.

Thank you for visiting my mini-site – I’ll be sure to add more content soon enough!


You can reach me quickly by email at ***@****.com (click to reveal). I do apologize for the anti-spam precautions.
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